Best Bicycle Games for Android Smartphones

 There are many bike racing games that you can play on your mobile device. Unfortunately racing games by bike are still rarely in demand. The popularity of car racing games or motorcycle racing games makes regular bike racing games less attractive or less popular.

In fact, there are many bike racing games that are quite interesting and worth playing, especially for those of you who like to ride a bike or enjoy the sport of bicycle racing.

Best Bicycle Games for Android Smartphones:

1. Bike Race

This bike racing game does not compete with your opponent but escapes the efforts of someone trying to catch you. Well, here's where you need to catch the bike quickly so you don't get caught. However, here you are not just riding a bike.

The reason is, you also need to catch every coin on the road. The more coins you earn, the more points you earn. Not only that, you also have to go through some obstacles such as walls, cars, or other obstacles.

2. BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D

BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D is a bike game that allows players to bike by bike. In this game BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D provides 9 types of skateparks for you to perform.

In addition, BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D You can choose three types of games namely Arcade Mode, S-K-A-T-E Mode and even Run Free! Not only that, but the game also comes with 40 fairly challenging and exciting track fields you know.

3. King of poop

Want to play virtual bikes with unlimited action? Then you can choose the game King Of Dirt to be one of the best solution for you. Because the game has gained over 80,000 times the downloader provides some interesting and quite complete game features.

In the game, King Of Dirt provides 6 different types of bikes. You can choose one of 6 types of bikes. Not only that, you can also choose 10 different dirt tracks. Of course, the trail offered will be very challenging for anyone who plays it.

4. BMX Bicycle Scan Impossible

In keeping with the name of the game, in Impossible BMX Bicycle Stunts you will be placed as a stuntman for a bike ride on a rather challenging track. You are challenged to pass hills, mountains and some rock-lined streets. To get through it, you can point out your cycling tricks. Can you do it?

5. Stickman BMX

Stickman BMX is a bike racing game available on Android by offering 2D graphics. Granted, Stickman BMX doesn't have as good graphics as other 3D bike racing games, but Stickman BMX is great for you to play. Next up the BMX Stickman has a pretty unique graphics.

Here you will become an avid cyclist. Instead of just riding a bike, your article has to go through some challenges. The challenges in this trail game are quite unique, for example you have to pass a broken car, ladder or bridge.

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